How To Make More Sales

Share your products on social media to increase your views!

Are you active on social media? You can post at least once a day on each social network. Post your most successful products but don’t neglect sharing other products as well, you can never know when someone will see an item that is interesting for them!

Click on the social media icons to instantly share your products

Write a blog post on your blog and let people know about your listings

  • Do you have a blog or a personal website? Post about your products on your blog and let people know about your listings on GamePromarket.
  • If you have a mailing list you can include referrals to your products in your newsletter.


Are you active on any developer forums?

You can contribute wherever it is relevant and suggest source code & tutorials in a discussion.


Please respect the communities you participate in.

Don’t spam forums in attemps to make more sales.
This activity is not tolerated by community moderators.

Examples for popular developer forums:

You can also let people know about your source codes on any other forum that you are active on.

This works only if you are a real contributor and your source code is really relevant for the discussion.
Do not do it in a forceful way, it won’t work.