Developer Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

GameProMarket may change the Terms and Conditions, partly or in whole at any time and those changes will be valid on the time of posting them to the site. When you use our website you choose to agree to these terms.

Developers Terms and Conditions

All uploaded materials will be visible on the web, except for paid files which will become visible to buyers who purchased your code. When you click ‘submit’ and upon approval of your product on this site you accept the terms and conditions and you are in a legal agreement between you and GameProMarket in relation to this site. If you are submitting files and content on the behalf of your company your declare that you have the legal authority to do so and to bind your company into an agreement of the terms and condition written here. you are also stating that you are at least 18 years old.


By uploading your digital assets, you agree not to upload malicious, un-related, pornographic or other unsuitable material to the website. Doing so will lead to an immediate termination of your account, and loss of potential revenue.

Vendors undertake to resolve any problems with graphics, content, code, text, files, images, photos, screen shots, sounds, musical works, works of authorship, copyrighted text, descriptions, representations or any other materials or information that they submit.

Vendors represent and warrant that each Submission is their own original creation, and/or that they have, or have obtained, all necessary permissions, rights, licenses, consents, and clearances to enable to exercise the rights granted in these Terms and to use the Submissions for the foregoing purposes.

GameProMarket reserves full independent rights to:

  • not grant you with a developer account;
  • to suspend your account at any time without further notice.

GameProMarket will not be obliged to provide reasons for the decision to reject your request for an account or for the suspension of your account. You are the only authorized and hold the sole responsibility to every access and use of the site with your username and password. In case there is any unauthorized use of your login details you must notify GameProMarket immediately.

Copyright Infringements And DMCA TAKEDOWN NOTICES

In case you think there had been a copyright violation of your products please send the information from our contact page. Please note to add the following to your content:

  • A link and an explanation to the located copyrighted materials
  • A proof that you are the owner of the copyrighted material

We will inquire into your report and ask for more information in case needed to proceed the inquiry.


with each product you submit on the marketplace you are approving our terms and conditions which grants us a full power of attorney to file DMCA takedown notices on your behalf.

We do this when you report to us a listing / infringement of your work is found on another website that you didn’t approve it’s sales.

We will be filing these DMCA takedown notices in your behalf as your Representatives.


You will need a PayPal account to enrol as a Vendor to receive your commission. The default commission rate is 70% to the Vendor (you) and 30% to GameProMarket. Payment transactions are instant, and you will receive your commission the moment a purchaser buys one of your products.

Payments of earnings will be done as follows:

  • The developer shall pay all fees and costs that are necessary for the payout of his commissions.
  • You allow GameProMarket in case of any of the following: refunds, chargeback and unauthorized transactions to automatically deduct these amounts from your commissions.
  • In any case that a buyer will request a refund within a period of 14 days due to the reasons: product is not as described, code is broken or doesn’t run properly you approve automatically to grant the buyer a full refund. this will occur only if the buyer had made the claim in accordance with our refund policy and his statements seem valid.


You agree to pay all tax’s for products sold in your country of origin accordingly. GameProMarket is not responsible for handling the tax affairs of individual vendors. Additionally, please be aware that PayPal will take a handling fee for all transactions. In the event of a chargeback or refund. You as the Seller (Vendor & Owner) of the said product will need to manage any refunds accordingly with the customer directly.

Selling Products

As a developer your guarantee to GameProMarket and buyers that your products:


  • You must be the creator/owner of the work being listed. Even if it’s free.
  • No special Terms and Conditions for using the free assets.
  • Watermark your art if you don’t want to give it away and make sure you put in the description the art is not included.


You will need the following to upload a file to the system.

  • At least 1 image [500 x500] pixels PNG\JPEG ( [215 x215] pixels GIF if your asset is animation) Format for the Featured Image
  • ZIP up your product item. Zip size (each) maximum 100mb


  • A YouTube video – so users can see your asset in action
  • Not uploading the correct data, may slow down your asset becoming live on the GameProMarket website.


  • You as a developer approve GameProMarket to subtract it’s commission from each sale you make.
  • Commissions might change in accordance to agreements.
  • As a developer you are eligible to receive a commission of 70% for each code you sell.
  • Developers are eligible to receive commissions only from selling their source codes. any other services provided by GameProMarket in addition to the sale of your product including but not limited to: reskin jobs, graphic designs, audio packs, meta data/aso etc and all the income deriving from it belong solely to GameProMarket and when becoming a developer on our site you agree to these terms.
  • There are commission fees that will be charged for each sold product. these fees are determined by GameProMarket and at it’s sole discretion and might change from time to time.


In these Terms and Conditions:

  • Developer (Vendor) is a person who applied to become a developer on GameProMarket and had filled a form with his details and agreed to the terms and conditions.
  • Buyers means a person or a company that bought a product or service on this site.
  • We or us means GameProMarket.
  • Our site and this site means GameProMarket.
  • You or your means developer or buyer.