Buyer Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

GameProMarket may change the Terms and Conditions, partly or in whole at any time and those changes will be valid on the time of posting them to the site. When you use our website you choose to agree to these terms.


GameProMarket reserves full independent rights to:

  • not grant you with a Buyer account
  • to suspend your account at any time without further notice

GameProMarket will not be obliged to provide reasons for the decision to reject your request for an account or for the suspension of your account. you are the only authorized and hold the sole responsibility to every access and use of the site with your username and password. in case there is any unauthorized use of your login details you must notify GameProMarket immediately.

Purchasing products

  • Purchased assets are allowed to be used in apps, on websites, in games & movies.
  • Purchased assets are only allowed to be used by the company or individual who purchased the asset.
  • Assets may not be resold, copied, donated or traded in whole or in part.
  • Assets may not be modified, altered or copied in whole or in part.
  • You have read and understand any information and instructions the vendor of the product has provided. In some cases the vendor may describe their product as CAN NOT USE ART or MUSIC etc. If this is the case you MUST replace the content before submitting your app to any stores.

Orders that are made on this site and do not qualify to our refund policy cannot be cancelled. If you think there is a special reason for a refund request that does not meet our refund policy definitions you can send the information from our contact page. GameProMarket reserves the right to reject your request for a refund in case it doesn’t meet our refund policy terms.


You agree to pay all tax’s for products sold in your country of origin accordingly. GameProMarket is not responsible for handling the tax affairs of individual vendors. Additionally, please be aware that PayPal will take a handling fee for all transactions.

Refund Policy

We offer buyer protection for cases in which the product doesn’t work as advertised in the product description page. In case there are problems or differences the author who sold the code will provide support in order to address and correct the issue. In case the author doesn’t act to provide support on the issue a full refund will be granted. Terms to request a refund:

  • You must request the refund no longer than 14 days of the original purchase date
  • The product doesn’t work as advertised on the listing page
  • You must request the refund from Comments tab on the product page and detail the issues experienced
  • The author didn’t reply to your within 48 hours


In these Terms and Conditions:

  • Developer (Vendor) is a person who applied to become a developer on GameProMarket and had filled a form with his details and agreed to the terms and conditions.
  • Buyers means a person or a company that bought a product or service on this site.
  • We or us means GameProMarket.
  • Our site and this site means GameProMarket.
  • You or your means developer or buyer.