Bulk Upload

Bulk Upload Product From .CSV File


Create Your CSV – Create a .CSV file with all your product informations, you can download the sample .CSV and full CSV Description.




Import Your CSV – Go to seller’s Dashboard > Woocommerce > CSV Import Suite, here is a quick link  http://gamepromarket.com/wp-admin/
Click “Import Products” button under the Product Import Tab, Choose your .CSV file and click “Upload file and import”






Ensure that everything are mapped to the correct field then click “Submit” to start uploading, this will take you a couple of minutes. Do Not Leave the Page until it’s successfully uploaded.




Upload Your Downloadable File – Once you’ve successfully uploaded the .CSV file, all your products should be already in your product library and you are ready to upload your downloadable file manually  on each product edit page. Make sure all your product informations are correct then click “Save Draft” to save your updates.





 Bulk Manage Your Product Category – From your product library select all product that you’re going to update, choose “Edit” and click “Apply” from the left conner  of library,  you can bulk edit your product categories and change the status to “Pending Review” and when you’re happy, click “Update” to submit your products for Review.






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