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Tropical Sailboat 3D Model

Tropical Sailboat 3D Model


This is a high res. sailboat model that is programmed and playable inside of Unity.

Multiple file types are included so that the model can be used in almost any other program.

(All images are screenshots of the boat running in Unity)

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  • Description

    This is a 3D sailboat model based on the traditional Fijian sailboats. All of the images shown are screenshots from Unity.

    This model is compatible with most engines and 3D modeling software, and it includes a package to allow for quick and easy set up in Unity. It already has some base code in so you can start moving the boat as soon as you drop it into the scene.

    Thanks for checking it out!!! Feel free to contact me with any questions, requests, complaints, or hand outs!


  • Additional information

    Additional information

    Includes Unity Asset Package

    Includes an asset package containing a prefab as well as all the assets related to the sailboat so you can have it up and running in unity without having to touch any code!

    Multiple File Types

    Includes multiple file types in order to ensure compatibility with a wide range of software. You are able to edit the model in a 3D modeling/animation program as well as import it into a game engine.

    Includes 4k textures

    Every texture included except for the paddle's texture is 4096×4096, the paddle is 2048×2048. These can be easily scaled within unity or other programs if you need a lower resolution

    Comes in Separate Pieces

    The model is split into multiple separate pieces to allow you to animate it or take it apart. It has movable covers in the center that reveal storage areas. Also includes a weapon-like paddle on the back of the boat.

    Includes Different Sail Designs

    Multiple sail textures are included so you can customize your boat. A blank sail texture is also included to allow you to place your own design on the sail.

    Compatible with Unity's New Cloth System

    The prefab included in the asset package is already set up with Unity 5's new cloth system so the sail will move with the wind. A script is included to give you more control over the wind direction.

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    Thanks for checking out Burning River Forge! I am an indie developer hoping to help cover my education costs by selling assets! I have a few years of experience working on games so feel free to contact me with any questions. Looking forward to putting out some awesome assets!
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